Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snake Scarf (crochet)

This was designed for my nephew, Lucas. Change up the colors for a girly version. I thought a novelty yarn, something furry, for the CC stripe or even as a third color might be fun. If I crochet one (or if someone else does), I'll post the pic.

2 colors of worsted wt yarn (i recommend machine washable) sample crocheted w/ bernat berella 4 (1 skein of ea. color is more than enough)
size H hook, or size to obtain gauge
2 buttons for eyes, 1 button for nose
small amount of black yarn for tongue

GAUGE: 14 dc=4 in (although this is not crucial)

starting at the TAIL:
with MC ch 4
row 1: 1 dc in first chain made. turn
row 2: ch 3 (counts as 1dc here and throughout), dc in same st, dc in next st (3 dc total). turn
row 3: ch 3, 2 dc in next st, dc in last st, turn
row 4: ch 3, increase 1 dc in the first and last st. repeat this row until there are 12 dc.

Begin :stripe pattern (crochet over the ends of the yarn as you ends to weave in!):
2 rows CC
3 rows MC
work even in stripe pattern for desired length

row 1: ch 3, working in front loops only, incr. 1 st at ea end of next row (14 dc) turn
row 2: ch 3 work in both loops for remainder of head, incr. 3 sts evenly across row (17 dc) turn
row 3: ch3, incr. 1 st at each end of row (19 dc) turn
row 4: ch 3, decr 1 st at ea. end of row, turn
row 5: ch 3, decr 3 dc's evenly across row, turn
row 6: ch 3, decr 3 dc's evenly across row, turn
next 3 rows: ch 3, decr 2 dc evenly, turn
last row: ch 3, decr 1 dc in center.
finish off

work as front of head starting in the free back loops from the first row of the head.

Attach yarn for tongue and make ch. of desired length. (see photo below)
Make a tassel and attach to tail.
Attach 2 buttons for eyes.
Attach button for nose to underside of back of head. button between center 2 dc on front of head.
Weave in ends.

TO WEAR: wrap scarf around neck and slip tail through mouth to fasten.

Items made from this pattern may be used for charity or sold if credit is given to the designer and this website.


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